Writers Latitude, a literary podcast conceived by novelist Joe Samuel Starnes and producer Anthony Sergi, features Starnes interviewing writers and others from the world of books. The title has a dual meaning: it describes the latitude given to guests to discuss their work in a longform audio format that does not try to squeeze stories into a soundbyte, and it also derives from Starnes’s life as a native southerner who now lives in New Jersey—a writer familiar with different degrees of American latitudes. Those featured on the podcast will come from all over, but primarily will be drawn from the New York-Philadelphia corridor and the South.

Starnes is author of the novels Fall Line (selected one of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Best Books of the South in 2012), Calling, and Red Dirt.

For more, visit his web site. You can follow him on Twitter @JSamuelStarnes or Facebook @joesamuelstarneswriter for alerts to new Writers Latitude podcasts.

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